Commercial Car Wraps: The Latest Looks

Commuting Time is Prime Time

In Canada where 13.5 million commuters spend an average of 65 minutes on the road each day, out-of-home advertising has become increasingly essential to every company’s marketing plan. Commercial car wraps play a substantial role in reaching this captive commuter audience.


According to 3M’s Mobile Media Advertising division, 97% of consumers surveyed recalled the wrap advertising they had seen and 98% were left with a favorable impression of the advertiser.  A study by the Out-Of-Home Marketing Association of Canada indicates that individuals are more receptive to advertisements when away from home. An American study recently found that consumers acted on out-of-home advertising within a half-hour after exposure 22% of the time.

Using sophisticated printing technology, your business logo and message can become a moving advertisement that reaches consumers when and where they are making their buying decision.

Staying Ahead and Standing Out

Here are some of the latest trends in the fleet wrap industry to help you make the most of your commercial vehicle wrap marketing efforts:


By their nature, vehicle wraps are advertising in motion. But new printing technologies allow you to catch your customer’s eye with an ever changing view. Shift effect or shade shifting vinyls reflect a different color depending or your viewing angle and amount of light present. Using photographs or digital images, you can draw even more attention by presenting an optical illusion of movement or three dimensions on your vehicle.


Can you imagine a vehicle wrapped in velvet? Someone has. A specially developed film coated with real textile fibers can give an entire car exterior the look and feel of real velvet. Three-dimensional wraps that add not just the appearance of texture but actual textures will continue to inspire designers in the years to come.

From the flash of chrome to the dimension of carbon fiber, textured vinyl films can add depth to your commercial car wrap. Realistic chrome, brushed, and matte metallic finishes are now available in a huge selection of colors. The look of water, woodgrain or snakeskin can all be achieved using printed vinyl wraps.


Reflective and fluorescent vinyl is nothing new and has been used on emergency and safety vehicles for years. But, new vinyls that glow in the dark will light up your entire vehicle.

New uses for reflective vinyl are also being put to use. Ghost graphics  are color matched reflective design features that blend into the car’s finish by day but light up with images or words when hit by illumination at night. LED vinyls are so bright that when photographed at night, any background colors fade to black.

The vehicle wrap industry is positioned for continued growth in years to come, how will you use this medium to take your message to the street?


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