Why Should You Prefer Wall Decals Over Wall Stickers?

Just like the world, interior décor is moving at an unprecedented rate. Wherever you go, whether it is your child’s educational institution, dentist’s clinic or a café, something new about the walls is bound to catch your attention.

No doubt a beautiful wall creates a tingling sensation in your mind and pushes you to transform your monotonous walls into something special. In today’s time, just a fresh coat of any bright shade or a designer wall tile will no more serve the purpose. So what exactly do you need for your walls? You need:

Something more;

Something attractive;

Something that demands attention;

Something that does not require regular maintenance.

Whether you’ve purchased a new home in Vancouver or planning to renovate an existing one, removable wall decals could be exactly what your décor demands. When planning to move in that direction, you could be caught between the options of wall decals and wall stickers. Let us give you an idea about wall decals’ advantages over wall stickers.


Treat To the Eyes

Wall decals give a WOW feeling as compared to wall stickers. Why? Wall decals blend with the wall after installation, but the wall stickers tend to stick out. The visual difference is clear. A decal, when applied to a wall, looks to be a part of the wall itself, but with stickers, it is all about negotiating the aesthetic value.

Light & Flexible

You can say goodbye to wall stickers that frequently leave waves, bends and uncouth finish after the wall installation is done. Wall stickers usually screw up the wall by ripping off the paint when they are peeled off, even if they are of high quality. The worst part is there’s no turning back once it’s done. Wall decals are light, and the flexibility of the material counts.

Get New Décor Anytime

Whenever you’re in the mood, give that wall décor some jiggling. How? Wall decals are easy to peel; whenever you get bored with the old wall graphics, you have the freedom to change the look. And don’t be worried about how it is going to impact your wall since it is not going to damage the surface when you pull it out.

Long Lasting

Whether it is the spark in your love relationship or your automobile, you want everything to be durable and long lasting. The same can be said for the wall décor products. Quality wall decal does not accumulate dust easily, and whenever you feel there’s a layer of dust on it, all it needs is just a damp cloth wipe to make it look as good as new.

Visibly Intact From All Directions

As wall stickers have a shiny layer, they usually reflect sunlight and artificial lighting. This makes them improperly visible from some angles. But quality wall decals made with a matt finish do not reflect light, keeping them visibly intact from all directions of the room. Any time of the day, wall decals maintain their aesthetics without losing even a bit of grace and clarity.

Whether your style is eccentric or classic, there’s a wall decal that’s perfect for your space. Give your mood a lift today with unique wall decals.