Why Should You Prefer Wall Decals Over Wall Stickers?

Just like the world, interior décor is moving at an unprecedented rate. Wherever you go, whether it is your child’s educational institution, dentist’s clinic or a café, something new about the walls is bound to catch your attention.

No doubt a beautiful wall creates a tingling sensation in your mind and pushes you to transform your monotonous walls into something special. In today’s time, just a fresh coat of any bright shade or a designer wall tile will no more serve the purpose. So what exactly do you need for your walls? You need:

Something more;

Something attractive;

Something that demands attention;

Something that does not require regular maintenance.

Whether you’ve purchased a new home in Vancouver or planning to renovate an existing one, removable wall decals could be exactly what your décor demands. When planning to move in that direction, you could be caught between the options of wall decals and wall stickers. Let us give you an idea about wall decals’ advantages over wall stickers.


Treat To the Eyes

Wall decals give a WOW feeling as compared to wall stickers. Why? Wall decals blend with the wall after installation, but the wall stickers tend to stick out. The visual difference is clear. A decal, when applied to a wall, looks to be a part of the wall itself, but with stickers, it is all about negotiating the aesthetic value.

Light & Flexible

You can say goodbye to wall stickers that frequently leave waves, bends and uncouth finish after the wall installation is done. Wall stickers usually screw up the wall by ripping off the paint when they are peeled off, even if they are of high quality. The worst part is there’s no turning back once it’s done. Wall decals are light, and the flexibility of the material counts.

Get New Décor Anytime

Whenever you’re in the mood, give that wall décor some jiggling. How? Wall decals are easy to peel; whenever you get bored with the old wall graphics, you have the freedom to change the look. And don’t be worried about how it is going to impact your wall since it is not going to damage the surface when you pull it out.

Long Lasting

Whether it is the spark in your love relationship or your automobile, you want everything to be durable and long lasting. The same can be said for the wall décor products. Quality wall decal does not accumulate dust easily, and whenever you feel there’s a layer of dust on it, all it needs is just a damp cloth wipe to make it look as good as new.

Visibly Intact From All Directions

As wall stickers have a shiny layer, they usually reflect sunlight and artificial lighting. This makes them improperly visible from some angles. But quality wall decals made with a matt finish do not reflect light, keeping them visibly intact from all directions of the room. Any time of the day, wall decals maintain their aesthetics without losing even a bit of grace and clarity.

Whether your style is eccentric or classic, there’s a wall decal that’s perfect for your space. Give your mood a lift today with unique wall decals.


Business Cards V.S. Posters – Which one Works Better for Your Business?


It’s an age old debate that has never come to any final conclusion. Do you really need business cards or posters to promote yourself or your business? Well, as it turns out, there is still a need for these marketing tools and here is why:

Why Business Card?

In the digital information age something as basic as a business card may seem old school. In fact, that 3.5-inch by 2-inch piece of heavy duty paper is still you best opening line regardless of what a survey from the University of Kansas says.

In 2013 2,400 staff and faculty members there were asked how many of them handed out 10 or less business cards per month. A total of 60% of the respondents said they did. Surprisingly, only 9% indicated they had handed out more than 25 cards in a month.

While that may sound as if the business card is dead, the survey also shows that they are still relevant. Nobody said they no longer use them at all.

Here are the four reasons why you still need business cards:

1 – First Impression

The best way to cement a connection when introducing yourself to a new contact is with a business card. It contains all your important contact information on a handy little card that can be filed away for future reference. In fact, business cards are still expected by contacts you will make during business hours and they give you legitimacy and credibility.

2 – Direct Marketing

As you never know when an opportunity will present itself to promote yourself, business cards are easy to keep with you at all times. Plus, there is no better form of direct marketing than face-to-face and a business card combined with a handshake is still your best bet.

3 – Brand Builder

What better way to establish your company/service brand than with a business card? To address the high-tech contacts a QR code and links to all social media streams should appear on the card along with your logo, slogan and contact information. It’s a mini advertisement you hand out whenever you need to.

4 – Affordable

If you still think you don’t need business cards consider this: they are the cheapest marketing tool you will ever purchase. If you compare the cost of production of business cards to press kits, product samples, radio or newspaper advertising you will quickly see the value of business cards to your business.

The Bottom Line

Sure, everything seems to be heading to the world of digital marketing but what you should remember is this: not all of your customers or contacts will be computer-literate. Many will not use social media and others will ignore or block online advertising pop-ups or use other filters when online. That’s where traditional marketing methods – like the business card – will continue to be king.

Why Posters?

They’re big and seem to be in your face in places where many people gather. They are smaller than billboards and still carry a message of an event, concert or activity. But are posters still relevant in the digital age?

There is no denying that posters continue to be effective – according to a study conducted in 2005 comparing computer screen text to printing text. Alshaali & Varshney found that the average person reads computer text between 20 and 30-percent slower than printed text. The study also showed that a website will be skimmed over in as little as 15-seconds where printed copy – on paper or poster stock – will be slowly absorbed as the reader becomes engaged with the message.

Here are four reasons to use posters in your marketing/promotional tool kit:

1 – Target Marketing

Say you are promoting a new band. You can select the precise locations where the demographic you are trying to reach frequents and place your posters there. Or you can just post them in high traffic locations with ease. Try putting a billboard in an apartment lobby or company elevator.

2 – Easy To See

Posters are a great visual medium to get across a message or idea. Unlike radio or television where the message works better through repetition, a powerful visual on a poster will cause the average person to look directly at it longer which assists in getting that message inside their heads.

3 – Produce Response

In the case of posters promoting events and activities, with the right call to action, clearly easy to read and understand, they produce results. Billboards fail as people are often whizzing by them on their way to somewhere else. Posters engage readers who have time to read and understand the message they contain.

4 – Affordable

The costs associated with posters are far less than any other traditional form of advertising including newspaper and radio. Plus, the time it takes from the original design phase to the final printing is far less as well which means you can start promoting your event much faster.

The Bottom Line

Movie theatres still use posters to promote upcoming shows. Night clubs still use posters to advertise live concerts. Why do you think that is? It’s because they still work and they will work for you as well.


Top 10 Trendy Design Ideas for Your Business Card

Do you want your business to get noticed among millions of firms? Or maybe, fuel your conversation with potential clients and consumers? Your ability to deliver effective and efficient workings to attain maximum customer satisfaction allows you to stand out of the crowd.  Besides, a memorable, to-the-point, and striking business card helps in taking care of the rest, including building successful conversion rates of the generated customer leads.

Since a business card acts as a face of any business, it should be designed with attractive graphics. Why attractive? Because you want your potential customers to remember you and do not want to end the conversation with them as soon as they leave for home after attending your business proposal or products’ exhibition. A business card is reflected as one of the highly significant marketing tools of a business. Keeping the importance of a business card in mind, we have listed top ten evergreen designs beneath that will never go out of fashion; take a glance:

1: Simple And Sober: This is one way of looking for a business card that is not full of colours and patterns, but focuses directly towards giving business information. This type of business card is more professional and neat. After all, simplicity reflects beauty and class!

2: Transparency Effects: Transparent business cards paired with unique colours create dramatic meeting effects when combined. Have you ever tried playing with transparent, colourful sheets in sunlight? We all love to explore something different or new, out of interest. Well, that’s just human nature!     

3: Unique Shapes: Simply changing the shape of your business card can work surprises. Typically, people follow rectangular card trends, but you can choose from several other geometric shapes like oval, round, square, diamond, star, and so on, and set yourself apart from all that seems ordinary.

4: Endless Material Options to Choose From: Paper materials have been used since ages for drawing out business cards. However, using different materials as a base for your firm’s card can build weighty impacts over your potential customers, giving an altogether different feel in their hands. Now is the time for experiment, as you go plastic, metal, magnetic, and wood or choose any other material for your business card. Or even simpler, you can take help from graphic designers for getting your business out there.

5: Fun Typography:  Even those with less interest in reading will care to admire beautifully crafted letters. Typography alone can offer a healthier feel for both information and decoration without adding any other extra elements.

6: 3D Look: One of the most modern designs, three-dimensional effects offers an engaging look to a business card. To add more stars to the visual aspect of your business card, make sure it comprises of smart graphics.


7: Not Just Flat And Static: Why go flat, when you can add a little dash of creativity while designing your business card! Just imagine, how an old school business card looks like? Rectangular and straight! Now imagine one with a pop-up or peel away sticker. Sounds fun! Isn’t it? Perhaps a little informal as well, but only for good!  And yes, do not forget to add mix and match colourful graphics for more freshness.

8: Extra Elements: Adding extra sleeves on your business card makes it look more upscale, giving it a sophisticated wrapped up style. The best part is removing the card from its cover, which excites many with the same feeling of opening a gift or taking out a letter from its envelope!   

9: Contrast Effects: Usage of contrasting colours adds an exotic appeal to a business card. You can choose several colour options to find the right match that serves an interesting visual appeal better.

10: What Is Your Business About Anyways?: There is nothing better than a business card design with dominating graphics, that reflects what a business does, as it speaks directly to the customer about your business. It serves the dual purpose – of marketing your business and building client-business conversation prospects.

Graphic designs, apart from all shapes, materials or colours are the keys to your business card’s success. They are an integral part of your card. Until and unless, you won’t give considerable importance to your graphics, your business card designs will never be justified. They directly impact your client’s opinion around your business potentials and credibility.



When it comes to branding your product or service, graphic design is the solution. It captures your message and allows you to use it in several different marketing tools. Needless to say, business cards that are made up of attention-stealing designs and bold graphics can illuminate your business identity dramatically. Furthermore, it helps potential customers to form a secure connection in terms of a customer-brand relationship.

Host Your Special Event Better With A Stunning Banner!



                           Host Your Special Event Better With A Stunning Banner!



No, we aren’t asking or even suggesting you to flag your banner at the end of an airplane tail that flies across your event again and again! A movie too featured a similar scene, can’t remember the name, though the genre of the movie would have been funny! Not to digress more, we are here to talk about ways in which you can design a striking banner and show it off on your special event to welcome-in guests, and welcome-out potential customers.


Event banners bear a slightly different business perspective from regular advertising banners. They focus entirely on what the event is about and what specifications it involves. Nevertheless, their core function is the same, which is to act as an effective business marketing tool and generate customers. Keeping in mind the same importance, we have carefully listed some of the tips for you to go through before you consider designing your special event banner:   


1:Your Banner Should Display Event’s Message Clearly And Accurately: Design and colours aside, your banner should not divert from fulfilling its purpose of talking about event hikes and specifications. It is vital that your banner’s design should involve authentic information so as to maintain a professional approach and event’s credibility. It should have a consistent theme to target your specific audience and help them to recognise your brand by a single glimpse of it, be it on a roadside banner, or on your morning newspaper!


2: An Attractive Banner Is The Key To Attract Major Customer Attention: The world famous quote, “first impression is the last impression”, fits the description best here. Likewise, your banner should be equipped with enough compelling design features to grab every single event attender’s attention. For doing this, you can utilise creativity in its fullest manner possible. Make sure to pay extra attention to every minute detail including colours, logos, images, graphics, font and information on your banner.


3: Do Not Overcrowd Your Banner With A Clutter Of Everything Too-Much!: Too much information, images, or large fonts can confuse people and finally drive their interest away from reading sugar talks about your business’ event marketing! You don’t want to face similar embarrassment, do you? If not, then hiring expert designers and seeking guidance from them can help in making your event a successful one. Give your audience something interesting to look at instead of adding a bunch of tedious and lengthy text. And market your event banner content and graphics in a way that it looks visually appealing and is easy to read. Consider the dimensions of the flag and do not stuff the spacing so as to leave area for graphics and art.


A designer event’s banner directly impacts the attender’s mindset into thinking how interesting and useful the show is going to be! Features like affordability and convenience make event banners highly valuable for those who are into marketing and advertising and those who travel a lot. A creatively designed banner with impressive graphics will ideally boost your publicity and bring you profits!




Graphic Design Trends For Walls

In an office or home a large wall is really nothing more than a huge canvas waiting for personality to fill it up. Typically that means a couple of coats of paint to fit into the overall theme of the room or business setting. But thanks to modern digital print technology walls are far more than just places to cover up in paint.

Imagine the blank wall that spans across the width of your living or working space as a giant mural. With media wall printing this can easily be achieved transforming that otherwise flat space into an interesting visual that makes the entire room come alive.

Photorealistic Wall Murals

Depending on the mood you are trying to create, the graphic design of a wall mural cannot be beat for a realistic transformation. Photorealistic murals are a large reproduction of a landscape, scene, view or any other stunning site that produces an impact.

A doctor’s office waiting room wall could have a waterfall fill it from edge to edge to calm patients waiting their turn to be seen. A hectic business office could have a large cityscape stretched across the room to fit in with the movement within the room.


Wallpaper Murals

The versatility of wallpaper murals makes them a great choice for a redecorating project without the expense of paint and supplies. They are available in various materials and have many different designs and patterns to choose – ranging from animals to scenes.


Full Size Wall Art

Media wall printing can create a piece of artwork to perfectly fit the size of your wall. It can be printed on canvas, paper or directly on the wall. A hand-painted piece of wall art will require slightly more maintenance than a print, but will give a room a personalized touch.


Wall Decals

Another innovative form of graphic design for a wall is in the form of decals. They come in various packages with themes to them where you would apply them however you wish on a wall. The peel ‘n’ stick nature of the decals makes them reusable and removable.


Still Need Some Inspiration?

So you don’t have an office space with a huge wall. You still have walls in your home and regardless of their size, wall murals can bring character into your home. Not only will a large wall become a focal point in the room, the right mural can make a smaller room look bigger.

Living Room Wall Treatments

House not big enough for a fireplace or just too small? With the right media wall printing you can have a jungle scene, winter landscape or cozy fireplace to curl up to setting the mood without the extra work required. Living rooms can be completely transformed with the right mural.

Bedrooms Convert Easily

You can use a bedroom wallpaper mural to substitute for a headboard, cover the walls with large digital photorealistic murals of trees or a bubbling brook to allow you a place to relax indoors. For children, the bedroom ceiling could have a sky mural on it to help them fall asleep.

Contact Us For Details

As you can see, graphic design elements can take many shapes and formats and is not always just about advertising services or products. At Twiisted Media we can create wall decals and media wall printing products to change the look of any wall, any size. Call or e-mail us today.

BLIK’s Large Wall Panels Can Bethe Next Big Game Changer in the Style of a Room

The four walls of any space play an important role in creating a unique impression. This is why it is important to decorate those walls with love. There is no point leaving your room lifeless. Your walls would look beautiful,and the room would feel different if you use a wall decal. Wall decals give you the chance to make any surface more fun, stylish and luxurious. Not to forget, when you plan to transform your spaces, you have the opportunity to express yourself through your walls. Would you agree?


Plain Walls are Boring! Make Yours Fun!

Embrace the most popular, interesting and inexpensive wall ideas to give your room a mini-renovation. Just pick out the wall graphic that you like the most and brighten up your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen in no time and with no hassle! Try out wall decals, take them off and move them around without damaging your walls.

Bring Back your Spaces to Life with Wall Decals

While florals, delicate branches, quotes and graphic shapes have made their way onto walls, these days,BLIK’s much talked about oversized wall panels have become the inspiring treatments to help you think outside of the plain white box and revive the walls that surround you.

What is so special about BLIKWall Panels?

BLIK, the leading designer and maker of self-adhesive, removable wall and surface graphics, partnered with Neasden Control Centre aka Stephen Smith, a U.K. based artist and illustrator, to launch its first collection of wall panels.

Previously, Stephen Smith’s art has been exhibited internationally. And now, Smith’s original artwork on the large wall panels islaunched to make a bold home design statement.

These oversized graphic panels are similar to a wallpaper but without the mess. The panels are printed on eco-friendly, fabric-based material, are self-adhesive and do not require any sticky paste to install.Great! Isn’t it?

Fill a Wall with BLIK Wall Panels

Pick your favorite colorful collage of patterns, shapes and scribbles from thenine wall paneldesigns. Three of the wall panels are popular Neasden Control Center (NCC) designs from his collection of home goods with BLIK: NCC Leaf, NCC Purple Leaf and NCC Blues. While the other six NCC designs are new – NCC B&W, NCC Blue Horizon, NCC Pink Mountain, NCC Sun, NCC Overlap and NCC See Saw.

Each wall panelset from BLIK comes with three 36″ x 96″ panels, that, when hung on the wall, form a 6 feet x 8 feet mural. The only thing you might need is a partner to help a panel get aligned on your wall as these panels are long. Happy peel and stick!

Add personality and liveliness to your spaces with BLIK’s decorative artworks

What are you waiting for? It’s time tobring some color, pattern and graphic goodness to your home walls with BLIK wall panels available at Twiisted Media.

Paint the Walls Without Painting the Walls

There comes a time in the life of every home when it is time to do some updating. Often this involves a series of interior and exterior renovations. Usually these are brought about when thoughts of selling the home and moving into something bigger or to another town occur. Other times the updating process is to make a home more livable with a fresh look. One of the easiest and most affordable of these renovation updates is related to wall covering.


Paint and stain has been the standard for many years. For the most part, the only choices available were solid colours and contrasting trim colours added some personality to a room. Over the years interior decorators looked to adding a more contemporary spin to walls and this opened the doors to various texture wall treatments. In today’s world the trend is moving away from textures and shifting into wall decals.

The Benefits of Using Wall Graphics

If the image that comes to mind when you hear the term ‘wall decals’ is of various stickers, then you are not far off the mark. However, the current style of wall graphics is very different from what you may picture in your mind and as a result, has many benefits for use in renovation projects.

1 – Affordability

Sets of wall decals come in themes and the packages of themed graphics are complete. For example, in a child’s nursery you could use a theme of clowns or animals and either cover a portion of a wall or the entire room at a fraction of the cost of several coats of paint.

2 – Flexibility

Wall graphics are easy to change. For example, if you used a clown or animal theme in your child’s nursery, once they grow to an age where the theme doesn’t seem to be as appealing you can change the decals to something else. This is far easier than a new paint job.

3 – Ease of Use

The best part of any kind of wall treatment using wall graphics is the ease in which they are to use. The vinyl patterns and decals peel on and peel off. They leave no marks and can be reused several times. This makes them a great investment that is simple to work with and to move around.

4 – Creativity Galore

Wall decals are not just in solid colours. They include various graphics and shapes that allow you to be as creative as you need to be to add personality to the wall you are treating. Imagine a wall in a solid colour of paint versus a wall covered with wall graphics of animals or clowns in a child’s nursery. Which one has the most personality? If you said the wall covered in decals you would be…right!

5 – Graphics Are Fun to Use

Okay, this should be a given. When you use decals to treat a wall you don’t need to lay out a drip cloth. You don’t have to remove or cover furniture in the room. You don’t have to wear your “working in the garden” clothes, nor do you need to keep the room well ventilated and countless other steps and procedures when using paint or stain. With wall graphics you just open the package and peel ‘n’ stick to a clean wall. You don’t like where you put that vinyl animal graphic? Peel it off and stick it on the wall somewhere else. It can’t be any easier and any less fun than that.